The Mother's Medal | Design 
For Mother’s Day 2019, we teamed up with Crown Royal to honor the service and sacrifice of mothers of military personnel (M.O.M.). To do so, we created “The Mother’s Medal”, the first ever honor specifically for this brave community of women. With the help of Vanguard Industries, the makers of our nation’s insignia and The Medal Of Honor, we created an authentic medal that I had the opportunity to design and and see through final production. The design was pentagon-shaped to represent the five branches of the U.S. Military and featured the Greek goddess of motherhood, Ancient Leto. The design also included a double strand rope, symbolizing the strength of the bond between mother and child.

Online and in-store, we inspired people to nominate M.O.M.s for the medals and we drove an astonishing number of nominations. Receiving over 10k nominations in just a few days, The Mother's Medal was the best Diageo conversion campaign to date. Over 1000 medals were sent to various M.O.M.s across the country with 4 recognized in a special ceremony in partnership with Thomas Rhett. There they were surprised by their children who pinned them with this special medal to honor them for everything they do,
each and every day.
2020 DALLAS ADDY – GOLD | Direct Marketing Speciality Advertising